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Doubly Linked List - Java

A Double linked list is a linked data structure, it built like set of nodes and each node contain three portions (one Data portion & two Node Reference portions). Almost all Node References portion may connected to another node if it really had neighbor node or otherwise Reference portion marked as NULL. The Soiscél Molaisse ('Gospel of St. Molaisse') is a cumdach, a medieval Irish carrying case for a holy book, decorated in the Insular style. Until the late 18th century, the case held a now-lost companion text, meant to be carried as a pocket gospel book, as indicated by the cumdach's small size. The text is presumed to be a small illuminated gospel book associated with Saint Laisrén mac Nad Froích of the 6th century, also known as Mo Laisse. The 8th-century original wooden box was embellished between 1001 and 1025 with a silver frame, including embossed silver plates, a front piece depicting a cross, the figures and symbols of the evangelists, and Latin inscriptions. During the 15th century further silver elements were incorporated, though most have been lost.