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Find the Armstrong number using C language

If any number is equal to the sum of its own digits raised to the power of the number of digits is called Armstrong Number.

Doubly Linked List - Java

A Double linked list is a linked data structure, it built like set of nodes and each node contain three portions (one Data portion & two Node Reference portions). Almost all Node References portion may connected to another node if it really had neighbor node or otherwise Reference portion marked as NULL.

How to create Antivirus using C++ programming language

This project is developed based on the console user interface (CUI). It has own scanning algorithm for finding malicious code in each file during the scan. The core idea is to search/match the virus signatures in all scan files or directory. Usually, 90% of viruses/worm having own signature (Some repeat text founded in all affected binary files or archive files) and remain 10% Viruses are identified based on execution behavior.

Triangle program in C language

Hi friends, today I write a simple C program to create triangle pattern structure and its very easy and fun also.

How to create a Web Crawler using PHP

The web crawler is a computer program which used to collect/crawling the following key values(HREF links, Image links, Metadata.etc) from a given website URL. It is designed like intelligent to follow different HREF links which are already fetched from the previous URL, so in this way, Crawler can jump from one website to other websites. Usually, it called a Web spider or Web Bot. This mechanism always acts as the backbone of the Web search engine.

How to create a linked list in java

A Linked list is a linked data structure, it built like set of nodes and each node contain two portions (Data portion & Node Reference portion).Data is always stored in Data portion (Maybe primitive data types eg Int, Float .etc or we can store user-defined data type also eg. Object reference) and similiarly Node Reference portion may connected to another node if it really had neighbor node or otherwise Reference portion marked as NULL.

Cats and Mouse Game with Javascript

Create a javascript game to chase the Jerry mouse by two cats (Tom & Bob).Once mouse catched then again cats and mouse position will be reset for next run.

How to built Open Graph & Twitter Card Checker Tool

Open graph checker is a tool to validate the website page contains sufficient informations and it can be easily access by social media and it display as facebook post or twitter tweet in proper structure format.

How to show hidden files and folders using C++ Programming

This program is use to show all hidden files and folder in your system drive and it can run well even system has affected by virus and worms, usually some kinds of the virus or malware script can change your files and folders in a hidden state.

Code the Snake Game using HTML and Javascript

Hi friends I am very happy to share the snake game script. It is really cool and joy, actually the movement of snake is based on CSS px value.

Floyd's triangle in C

Floyd's triangle is a right-angled triangle which shows the natural numbers in consecutive order in each every row wise.The height of right-angled triangle is based the number of rows implemented.

How to create a PHP Minifier

PHP Minifier is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code without changing their functionality. Unnecessary characters usually include tab (/t) space characters, new line characters, single (//,#) and multiple lines (/* ..... */) comments.It reduces the size of the source code, so its transmission the output over the internet as more efficient.

Built a robots.txt tester tool

When any search engine robots visit a website, they initially try to access a site's robots.txt file to knowing what is allowed and what is not allowed to be crawled on site URL links.

How to develop a source code syntax highlighter using php

Syntax highlighter is used to show the source code program is colorful, so the reader can easily read/understand your code after integration. In this program, I added various elements (reserve words, parenthesis, comment, and quotes etc..) for highlighting. You can add/modify this code based on your Web Application/Programming Blog.

How to create blogger template from scratch

In this article I shared my own blogger template which currently implemented in this blog and I used HTML5, CSS and Blogger tags for blog layout design and its fully customize, please change this template as per your blog design.